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When I wrote my first song in the summer of ’64 I wrote about life (age nineteen) living in a rented attic on 11th Ave. in downtown Calgary. I had launched my career as a professional folkie performing at The Depression coffeehouse, a basement club nearby where many like Joni Anderson got their start. I wrote about a hundred songs by 1975, the year I began painting my life which led me to today at age seventy-five I’ve continued painting. Painting my story saved me from “losing my marbles”© because the music biz and the bi-product of fame was making me sick. I loved the music and still do but not the business.

As a chronic painter, I painted whatever I thought, what I saw, who I loved and whatever crossed my imagination from conventional landscapes, cityscapes (like life in East Hollywood, Los Angeles) to anus-headed politicians. To be “chronic” allows me an outlet for my lust, rage, opinion – literally anything without encumbrances(s). All the while I accelerated my output literally as penner of books, poetry (Joetry)and philosophy. I eventually became JOE PERSISTER. My thesis that women are the only hope©* sums up my world view as we humans rape our mother, Mother Earth. We’re knee-deep in the apocalypse. My art tells it all in all my media.

Truly, M. Joe Persister

© THINK I’M LOSING MY MARBLES 1968 megmasong (*mendelsongster)

MUSICAL BIOGRAPHY (click here for the extended biography of Mendelson Joe)

Born Birrell Josef Mendelson on July 30, 1944, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Joe taught himself to play his sister’s Gibson guitar at age eleven. His musical idols were Little Richard, Jimmy Reed, Ray Charles, Elvis Presley, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

In 1964, at age nineteen, Joe Mendelson became a professional singer-songwriter-musician. His debut was at The Depression coffee-house in Calgary, Albert Canada. For years later, he formed a bluesy rock band with Toronto guitarist Michael McKenna. The made five albums under the banner Mainline. In 1972, Joe recorded his first of many solo albums. Mr. Middle of the Road (on GRT label) was very much a solo effort, in that he played all the instruments, sang, and wrote the songs.

1975 marked the beginning of Joe’s career as a painter. He also recorded two more albums, Sophisto, and a reunion LP with Mike McKenna entitled No Substitute. He also became Mendelson Joe.

From 1979 to 1981, Mendelson recorded three more albums for the Stompin’ Tom-owned Canadian label Boot Records – Not Homogenized, Jack Frost, and the controversial Let’s Party. In 1984 Stony Plain Records released Some of the Best of Mendelson Joe – The Name of the Game Ain’t Schmaltz. Several of Joe’s songs have been covered by the likes of guitar-genius Amos Garrett, crooner Noel Harrison, and even the characters of Sesame Street.

By 1988, Mr. Joe was becoming very skilled at producing his own records, along with guitarist Colin Linden. When singer Geddy Lee of Rush heard Joe’s latest master tape, Lee encouraged his label, Anthem, to release Born To Cuddle, In 1991, Anthem released the hard edged bluesy Addicted LP, along with the support video Passion.

Throughout the years ’92 to ’98, Mendelson continued writing and recording his songs on the albums entitled Women Are The Only Hope, Humans Bug Me, and Spoiled Bratland. His work reflects his passions and convictions. Most recently, the boutique label Pacemaker released Mendelson Joe’s Everyone Needs A Pimp CD in June 2007.

Mendelson Joe is a Canadian icon. Like his recordings, his paintings are internationally recognized as exceptional examples of original uncompromising art.

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